Kiwaz Hospitality Services Inc. is based in Waltham Massachusetts. We provide quality ground transportation services at competitive rates to and from the city of Waltham, greater Boston and throughout New England. Do you have a transportation need? Are you seeking employment in the transportation industry? Or you are in this business but overwhelmed by the work load at hand? We welcome you all with open arms. We are a trans-generational hospitality services company with a view that routine ways of conducting business is no longer the norm. At Kiwaz every business call is unique and therefore given a unique approach. We highly appreciate your continued support.

Learn More About Our Main Services

Kiwaz has dedicated professionals with years of experience in luxury transportation and other upscale service industries where accommodating high profile clients is the norm. Our drivers are knowledgeable, highly trained, and well connected. We do offer special arrangements to corporate companies that have transportation needs. Our tailor made packages ensure that staff are picked up on provided schedules and dropped off  at any desired locations. We have a wide range of options to choose from ranging from during work hours and off work hours.

We provide Catering services for private functions and parties. Looking for professionals to work with you and make your function memorable, Kiwaz catering services is at your service. We have existing partnerships with service providers that we work with to deliver the best catering services at your function. Our relations with these service providers come at an advantage since the providers already give us discounted rates for all your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us by visiting the contact us section of this website and completing the form section to tell us more about your upcoming function.